Founded on April 9, 2000, “YUMSAAP” was a small Thai restaurant serving home-made Thai cuisine located at Siam Square, the famous perennial shopping and entertainment paradise for all shoppers.

Back then we were the pioneer in bringing the Thai Street food that most of local Thai people prefer to have daily into shopping malls in Bangkok and metropolitan area as well as in selected provinces throughout Thailand under the “YUMSAAP” brand.

Since the first day of the opening, YUMSAAP has been very popular among local Thais and tourists from abroad who appreciate Thai cuisine. Our menu is full of a variety of unique home-made style Thai cuisine which consists of spicy, and also non-spicy dishes prepared to meet customers ’ expectations. All dishes are not only healthy but also tasty, freshly-prepared using a wide variety of ingredients, namely healthy herbs, spices, and together with different kinds of fresh seafood, meats and vegetables.

“YUMSAAP is the Art of Spices” concept is the paramount of preparing our Thai cuisine. In order to accomplish, we need to maintain the balance of aromas and flavors, namely sweet, sour, salty and spicy, to create harmonious dishes.


“YUMSAAP is the Taste of Thai.”